During the six-year implementation period, the Administrator annually publishes progress reports to fulfill transparency and accountability guidelines. In 2018, the Administrator published “The Annual Report 2017”. This report contains 7 topics; (1) Introduction, (2) TFCA Kalimantan Management, (3) Coordination and Consultation, (4) The Progress and Achievements of the grantees, (5) The Dynamics, Challenges and Intervention of the grants management (6) Financial Status, and (7) Work Plan 2018. This repost has also highlight aggregation outcome toward TFCA Kalimantan objectives, HoB and BFCP strategic plans, as well as detail progress on each grantee

Up until December 2017, the total grant commitment is USD 10.324.464 (IDR 135.375.138.100) for 39 grantees. To date, total grant disbursement is 67% (IDR

The Project area of TFCA grew in 2017. Not only is there focus for four district areas related to Heart of Borneo (HoB) and Berau Forest Carbon Partnership (BFCP), TFCA Kalimantan have started investing projects in Lamandau District (border of West and Central Kalimantan) for Banteng conservation, Orangutan conservation and community development at Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National park (Sintang and Melawi District-West Kalimantan) , Kubu Raya District (West Kalimantan) for Irrawady dolphin conservation, as well as one grantees work for illegal wildlife trade mitigation that include 14 Districts /Municipality’s in West Kalimantan.


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